Monday, June 8, 2009

So many details

There are so many little things to take care of, before this train can leave the station. Each of the 12 charges in my care has her or his own needs and requirements and difficulties. This one has no passport. That one can't get a plane ticket. Another is worried about vaccines. And then there are the folks in Bolivia, who have their own requirements as well. One man with whom we work has a lot of complaints, I am told, and can't wait till I arrive so he can express them. Wonderful. Here's how I feel about it at this exact moment:
But I know that this feeling will pass, as all feelings pass. Better not to spend too much time on it. Tomorrow's weather may be different.


kelly said...

Yes, it will pass and things will turn out how they should; something you taught me last summer.

Michelle said...

Lol... sorry, patience is a virtue, but takes time and practice. :) All of which you have, especially a positive outlook- you're very optomistic.