Friday, June 4, 2010

The Blog is Back

Welcome back to the Bolivia blog! As I have each summer since 2008, I will be keeping this blog so that those of you who can't come with us to Bolivia can keep track of what we are doing there. Please post your feedback to this site and share with us your responses.

It is June, and once again I am preparing to return to Bolivia with a group of Rutgers students. This will be the third consecutive year for the Bolivia-RU summer study abroad program, and I am again very excited about the program. We have 12 students again this summer, from a range of backgrounds, majors, and levels of international experience. It is a diverse group of men and women, all of whom seem excited to learn about Bolivian reality while contributing their knowledge and energy to helping transform the difficult situations that the people with whom we work regularly encounter.

Keep watching this space for updates. Departure day is June 30!


kelly said...

Three years already...I am going to be following the blog now! Best wishes to all those who are new; you are going to come back a different person. To those returning, good luck! I know you will feel back at home soon enough in Bolivia!!

Michelle said...

Hey!!! Good luck to all!!! It is a great experience. Goldstein, who's your TA(s)?

amyet said...

Wow, I can't believe it's actually been two years since Cochabamba! Bolivia taught me so many things about culture, privilege, history, and not so surprisingly, myself. I always look back fondly on the short month we spent there. It was a month that seemed sort of outside of time. Some days blew by, eating ice cream and empanadas and singing karaoke while exploring a city that seemed entirely foreign to us, other days were spent working so intimately with everyone around us that I felt like I had learned more in 24 short hours than I ever could anywhere else. Best of luck to everyone new on board! You will really fall in love with the place.