Sunday, June 5, 2011


Another one of our groups of students will be working this summer with women in a local community. In the past, our students have organized various classes, workshops and activities for women's groups in different neighborhoods. Usually these activities have have been productive in nature, aiming to help women learn new skills that could hopefully lead to new income-generating opportunities. Some of these classes have focused on knitting and other handicrafts; using what they learn, women have made items of clothing for their families, and produced things to sell locally in the city. Other classes taught women how to bake, and their activities quickly became self-sustaining as they sold the produce of their work.

What these activities will be this year remains to be seen. In all of our projects we aim to identify local people's own desires and match them with our students' interests and talents. In this way, everybody benefits.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the best knitting I've seen is in Bolivia -- I'll bet that these women (nnd men) could teach our volunteers quite a bit about knitting! I'm sure the contacts and info that "foreigners" bring about markets and marketing is useful, though.