Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Saturday

Saturday is rest day in the city of Cochabamba. Well, not for most of Cochabamba. For most of Cochabamba, Saturday is market day, and the cancha (the city's huge outdoor market) and its surrounding streets are jammed with people buying and carrying every conceivable item. The students have been particularly impressed by the wheelbarrows full of the parts of animals that in the US we generally don't eat, but which here are allowed to work up a good pungent odor before being fried and sold on every corner of the cancha.

But for us in the Study Abroad program at least, Saturday is the sabbath, our day of rest. A few students had to take a makeup Spanish class today, but most got to just chill out. Our team got time to spend with their families, and the students got a break from our very demanding schedule. I spent the morning walking - I walked from my hotel to the cancha, where I visited my friend the priest at his parroquia, and then walked all the way back. Then I read a novel, taking a full day off from work. Unprecedented.

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