Friday, June 27, 2008

Shingles, still

I still have shingles, though I look less like the elephant man than I did a few days ago. Now I just have hideous scabs instead of hideous, pustulent blisters all over the left side of my face. The pain has subsided in my ear, but continues to flash through the area of the rash, and is combined with an uncomfortable itching and tingling that keeps drawing my hand to my face. But I can't scratch, or I'll be left with scars, so I just suck it up. A friend lent me the entire first season of "House" on DVD, so I've been watching episode after episode, reminding myself of all the much worse diseases that I could have, but don't.

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Dee said...

Goldstein, how's the head? Carolyn said you are feeling better. Make sure you don't scratch and scar like my brother-in-law. Thanks for taking her to the doctor for her skin condition. Sounds like this has been a great experience for all!!