Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night I went with don David and his family to eat charque. This was a special occasion - don David's daughter was celebrating her 13th birthday - and so they chose something special to eat. (In Cochabamba, every event is marked by eating, usually in large quantities).

Charque is dried llama meat, shredded and fried to a fatty crisp. I don't know if they eat it elsewhere in the Andes, but it is a specialty in Bolivia. My son Ben loves it, and had been asking for it since we arrived in Bolivia, so he and his friend Pete enjoyed the evening immensely.


JG said...

Apparently, "charque" is where we get the word "jerky" from. It can also be dried horse. Are you sure you had llama?

Tina_in_Germany said...



kelly said...

Mmm, i want some charque!!