Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A prayer for Wilmer

Lauren posted this on her blog; I think it bears reproducing here:

Dear Wilmer,

You finally escaped the barrio but not in the way i had wished for you. You sprouted wings and flew off into oblivion and i didn’t get to say bye. I had wished that you were going to come to class on tuesday morning so that we could teach you arts and crafts but instead of making origami stars, you were touching the stars. I wish the world wasn’t so cruel to you Wilmer, but I hope where you do go that you are able to have clean clothes and running water. I hope that they have food for miles for that empty stomach of yours. Dear Wilmer, it’s not fair that you’re gone but that’s how life is in Bolivia. At your funeral there was no silence like i had wished and the whole day i felt so is it possible such a little innocent being as yourself can be taken so easily? I just tell myself it was for the better, your suffering is now over Wilmer.

Rest in Peace

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