Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home Away from Home

Whenever I'm in Cochabamba, I stay at the Hotel Anteus, and over the years it has become the place I rely on to welcome me back to Bolivia. It is not the fanciest hotel in Cochabamba, but it is comfortable and relaxed, and the people there treat me like the King of America.

The Anteus has a good little restaurant and a peaceful garden walled in from the world, with plastic tables and chairs and canvas umbrellas to block the sun. I have spent many a morning in that garden, reading, preparing, doing whatever I do to run the ISL program and try to squeeze some research in around the edges. I always get the same room at the Anteus - number 11 - and going back there time and time again eases the transition and helps me to feel at home.


Jonathan G said...

Ah yes. Room 11.

Alana C said...

Where's the jungle gym in the lawn? That's the best part!

Anup @ sarkari naukri said...
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