Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Beginning

Each year around this time, I debate whether or not to begin this blog again. I have maintained it each of the last three years, to document the activities of our study abroad program in Bolivia, and people seem to have read and enjoyed it. But each year I wonder if I really want to take on the work of keeping the blog again.

That is perhaps not surprising, seeing as how each year I also debate whether or not to return to Bolivia with another group of students. It is, after all, a lot of work. But, like the blog, each year I determine it to be worth the effort.

So here I am again, writing once more, anticipating another return to Bolivia, my home away from home. The past three years leading this program have been wonderful and inspiring, and I hope to continue the success this year. We have more students participating than ever before (17), and have drawn students from seven different universities, including Rutgers, our home institution. The program, in other words, is growing, and word of it is spreading. I am excited and energized for another go.

And of course, I am excited to return to Bolivia. When I left last August, I thought I would not be back this year, or perhaps only for a brief visit. But by about February, I was longing to return. I missed the people, the food, the weather, the whole experience of living in Cochabamba.

Now it is May, and it still feels like the right decision to return. I will keep this blog as faithfully as I can, but I make no promises. Unlike past years, my plan this year is to take things slowly, to absorb the experience each step of the way. That is my plan, anyway. We'll see how it goes.


Joyelle said...

Maybe this year the students can take turns helping to give insight on the program, here on the blog.

Daysi Morales said...

Well I'm glad that you made the decision to start up the blog again, I think it will be very helpful for all of the students... I might even consider starting my own! (I've never written a blog before, but I'm sure Bolivia will give me plenty of experiences that will be worth writing down) =)

Lauren said...

I'm so excited to hear about Bolivia this yr!

Anonymous said...


Best wishes for another wonderful voyage and great experience with your project, and the students you are leading in this wonderful endeavor of service learning. I hope some summer to come and partake of it. Be well, and again best wishes.

Steve Reinert
Dean, Rutgers Study Abroad

Alana C said...

So proud of you DG! Mucha Suerte!!