Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Donate a camera

One of the great things about this project is that it brings out individual creativity in so many ways. This year Tina, one of our students, came up with the idea of donating digital cameras to kids in Cochabamba and teaching them how to use them. Her plan is to help the kids to document their own lives through photography, and then to display their work so that others can appreciate it and learn from it. One of our service-learning sites this summer will be in a local orphanage in Cochabamba, home to 25 boys ages 6-12. Tina and some of our other students will be working in the orphanage, doing recreational and educational activities, and Tina will be doing her photo project there. But she needs more cameras.

So, if you would like to donate a digital camera of any vintage to this project, please post a comment to this blog indicating how to get in touch, and Tina will contact you directly. An old PC laptop might be useful as well. You can also just send your camera to the Rutgers Center for Latin American Studies, 106 Nichol Ave, Corwin B, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

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