Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Global Futbol Initiative

This summer, Rutgers in Bolivia is partnering with the Global Futbol Initiative, an organization that provides free soccer gear to kids in Latin America and elsewhere around the world. They will be providing us with soccer balls, which we will take to Bolivia and donate to children in the orphanage, and in the barrio in which we will be working.

The Global Futbol Initiative belives in the power of futbol "to impact change, promote peace, and improve the quality of life. 

"The power and beauty of futbol is a truly global phenomena and there is a tremendous opportunity for much of the world to use their resources to aid less privileged areas. Global Futbol Initiative was enacted on the basis of a very ambitious goal to allow every single child on earth to have access to balls, boots, and other gear. 

"We believe in our motto 'Futbol 4 Everyone' and intend on doing as much as we possibly can to help people all around the world enjoy the beautiful game with the proper equipment. The task is tough, but we believe we can accomplish all of our goals."

RU-Bolivia, the Fundación Pro Justicia, and the Global Futbol Initiative look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.


Michelle said...

A reason to love the rest of the world they play real futbol and not the sissy one with all the pads... but this is just my opinion. What are the ages of the kids that will be recieving the equipment?

Daniel Goldstein said...

The kids are ages 6-12, boys. We'll also be doing academic and other kinds of activities with them.

hthrtx75 said...

This is such a great project. I along with 5 other students will be working with Hospitals of Hope in Anocaire, Bolivia outside of Cochabamba from July 20-August 1. I have contacted GFI and we will be taking 5 balls and a pump with us.

Fútbol Callejero said...

Hello, I posted some Bolivian street football pictures, check it: