Saturday, May 30, 2009

One of the more disturbing and disappointing bits of news to come out recently has been the accusation, made by Israeli intelligence sources, that Bolivia and Venezuela are selling uranium to Iran. The alliance between Bolivia and Iran is well known and quite public - building ties with governments antagonistic to the United States is part of Evo's (and Chavez's) effort to develop ties to other nations, and so create new possibilities for trade and diplomacy that don't include the colossus of the north. But the relationship with Iran is troubling in many ways. Ahmedinijad, of course, is an idiot, a Holocaust denier, and a wild card who does not contribute in any positive way toward peace or stability in the Middle East. He may also be on his way out, with an election in Iran upcoming. If Bolivia is supplying uranium to what might be an Iranian nuclear program, it is positioning itself as a facilitator of further conflict and uncertainty worldwide, which certainly doesn't benefit Bolivia or Evo's other initiatives there.

Bolivia, for its part, vehemently denies producing or selling uranium to anyone, including Iran. Let's hope this is true.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rutgers group,
Just some anonymous guy here. First let me congratulate you and your students for what you are doing in Bolivia. Thank you for showing the best of our country to the people of Bolivia through your volunteer work, that shows that the people of the U.S are good people. Despite of any foreign policy created by the political class.
To comment on this Iran/Bolivia relation. Bolivia is not selling uranium to Iran. Bolivia and the other sovereign South American nations (Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil) believe in a nuclear free world. Whenever we hear negative "news" of leftist foreign governments, or governments not adhering to U.S. interests, we must be critical of this information, and dig deeper. We should ask ourselves, why is the media portraying them in a negative light? Is it simply that they are an "evil", "rogue" nation?