Thursday, May 21, 2009

Extradite Goni

In October 2003, poor Bolivians in the city of El Alto took to the streets to protest the Bolivian government's plan, authored by president Gonzalo ("Goni") Sanchez de Lozada, to export natural gas at bargain prices to foreign markets. Goni called out the military to confront the protestors, an encounter that left 67 people dead and over 400 wounded. In the aftermath, Goni was forced to resign the presidency and flee the country. He has been living in the United States ever since, given protection first by the Bush administration, and now by that of Obama.

This week, the Bolivian Supreme Court is holding a "Trial of Responsibility," trying Goni in absentia for human rights violations committed against his own people. But whatever the outcome, this trial will be in vain if the United States continues to refuse to extradite Goni back to Bolivia to face the charges against him. 

Why is our government protecting this man? Ask President Obama - see the report from the Democracy Center to find out what you can do.

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